• 29/Jul/2023

    USPL Successfully completed Draft for Season II Starting September 15th to September 29th 2023

    Media Desk

    July 27th 2023

    By Rahul Sharma Advisor Executive USPL

    I would like to thank USPL management team for Successfully completed the draft for the USPL season 2 at a beautiful New York skyline view at Lokal.

    Cricket in the United States has been steadily growing in popularity, and there have been efforts to promote the sport in the country. The USPL could potentially serve as a platform to further develop and showcase local cricket talent, as well as attract international players to participate in the league.

    This year USPL will provide most opportunities for USA players to make cricket history:

    Exposure to top-level competition: The USPL would likely attract some well-established international players, providing a chance for USA players to compete alongside and against them. This exposure to higher-quality cricket can significantly benefit their development and help raise the standard of the game in the country.

    Performance on the global stage: USPL gains significant attention and coverage with their broadcasting partners like Eurosport’s, Destro TV and many more, it can provide USA players with an opportunity to make their mark on the global cricket scene. Standout performances in the league could potentially lead to opportunities in other T20 leagues around the world, as well as national team selection.

    Homegrown stars: Historically, USA cricket has had a significant number of players with immigrant backgrounds who represented the country. While this diversity has been a strength, the USPL could be a platform for identifying and nurturing homegrown talent, players who have grown up in the USA and developed their cricket skills within the country's cricketing system.

    Growth of cricket in the USA: A successful USPL could further fuel the interest in cricket within the United States. This could lead to more investments in cricket infrastructure, better training programs, and increased participation at the grassroots level. Such developments can have a positive long-term impact on the growth of sport in the country.


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